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Understanding technical terms used in SSL is essential.Here you can learn more about:

  • The additional licence purchase
  • The certificate free reissue

Additional licence purchase

Depending on your needs or your technical pool, you may need to buy additionnal certificates or licences.

A certificate's always sold to be installed on a unique machine (physical or virtual).The additionnal licence makes then possible to duplicate an existing certificate instead of buying a new one for each different machine you may use.

  • Physical machine:Electricaly connected machine
  • Virtual machine:In process machine

Several configuration can be encountered:

  • Active / Active
  • Active / Inactive
  • Back-up site
  • Several virtual machines on one physical machine

How many licences or certificates do I need to buy ?

A digital certificate reissue

A new certificate can be reissued in substitution of an existing one with the same fields but a different pair of keys*.

That can be done in those situations:

  • A certificate loss after a hard disk failure
  • A software switching
  • The modification of the key sizes
  • The vulnerability of the privet key
  • The upgrating of the signature from MD5 to SHA1

*pair of keys : Item privet key / public key elements : if a new pair of keys is needed a new CSR has to be requested.


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